September 2013

  1. ILO, partners aim to improve conditions in Bangladeshi garment industry

    23 September 2013

    In New York, the ILO has signed new agreements with the Netherlands and the UK to respond to recent accidents in Bangladesh.

  2. “A million voices: The world we want”

    12 September 2013

    For almost one year, more than one million people from around the globe shared their ideas about the shape and content of the future global development agenda. Those ideas are now reflected in a major UN report.

  3. Social Protection Floors Get UN Spotlight ahead of General Assembly

    10 September 2013

    Development experts discuss how nationally-defined social protection floors can contribute to inclusive growth and sustainable development.

August 2013

  1. "Hold up your Red Card to child labour!", says Tim Roth

    28 August 2013

  2. © ILO Photo/K. Cassidy 2020

    Can minimum wages help rebalance the economy?

    12 August 2013

    Minimum wages can improve the lives of low-paid workers while also rebalancing national economies.

  3. At UN, Global Youth Sound Off on Employment

    09 August 2013

    Young people talk to senior officials about global development, employment one week before the UN's 2013 International Youth Day.

July 2013

  1. Persons with disabilities seek security, skills and acceptance

    25 July 2013

    Signatories of the UN's disabilities convention are discussing how to improve the lives of more than 1 billion people living with disabilities.

  2. Civil society calls for bigger role, right-based approach in UN migration debate

    18 July 2013

    A rights-based approach and greater cooperation among actors are needed to address growing pressures on governments and international migrants, as global mobility soars.

  3. ILO calls for additional job creation policies in G20 countries

    17 July 2013

    ILO Director-General says that "more can be done" to achieve high employment levels and growth.

  4. New markets and technologies suggest bright future for microinsurance

    16 July 2013

    On 8 July, the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility assembled experts from the industry’s leading insurance providers to share the lessons learned from their experiences and to discuss the future of the industry.

  5. ILO, EU, Bangladesh government adopt new compact on garment factory safety

    10 July 2013

    The new compact aims to improve health and safety, labour rights and responsible business conduct in Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry.

  6. Resilience and social inclusion through cooperatives

    08 July 2013

    On 8 July, experts gathered for a panel discussion at the UN in New York to examine ways in which cooperatives could serve as engines of economic recovery and growth while providing greater opportunities for social inclusion.

  7. © flickr Photo / Semilla Luz 2020

    Are economic stagnation and unemployment fueling social unrest?

    08 July 2013

    Using the Social Unrest Index, ILO's 2013 World of Work report looks at the root causes of social unrest around the world.

  8. Reducing risk for growth, stability and inclusion

    01 July 2013

    The microinsurance industry is rapidly growing and evolving to provide new instruments to help manage the risk of life-changing losses, especially for the poor.

June 2013

  1. Innovating out of the employment crisis

    27 June 2013

    Experts gathered at the UN to present ways entrepreneurship can promote sustainable development and create livelihoods.

  2. UN: Decent and productive work critical to achieve sustainable development

    20 June 2013

    The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals concluded its fourth session on 19 June with a strong message on the need to consider the creation of decent and productive jobs as a core element of the future development framework.

  3. Panel says child domestic work an unacceptable form of abuse which can longer continue

    17 June 2013

    Experts gather in New York to discuss findings of a new ILO report on child labour in domestic work.

  4. © S.Sekhri / The Times Of India 2020

    Ten million child labourers in domestic work

    12 June 2013

    To mark World Day Against Child Labour, the ILO publishes a report outlining the abuses suffered by millions of children working in family homes.

  5. Labour mobility and rights at centre of debate on international migration and development

    10 June 2013

    Experts from the ILO and elsewhere have gathered at a final roundtable to discuss labour mobility in migration and development issues prior to the High-Level Dialogue.

  6. © Said Khatib / AFP 2020

    Palestinian economy will not grow if restrictions on it remain, ILO says

    06 June 2013

    The ILO’s annual report on the situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories calls for the lifting of restrictions on movement, employment and economic activity, in order to increase opportunities for decent work.