Past events

September 2022

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    Informal briefing on the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions

    9 September 2022

    Information session on the Global Accelerator, its aims and challenges, co-organized by the Permanent Missions of Belgium and Morocco (Co-Chairs of the Group of Friends of Decent Work) and co-sponsored by the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General, UNDP, and UNICEF.

July 2022

  1. Event

    World Youth Skills Day 2022: Transforming youth skills for the future

    15 July 2022

    This event brings together youth, governments, UN agencies, the private sector, and civil society representatives, to analyze the impact of current crises on youth globally and debate the options for young people to quickly adapt to the demands of an ever-changing world.

  2. World Youth Skills Day 2022

    World Youth Skills Day 2022: Transforming Youth Skills for the Future

    15 July 2022

    This side event at the HLPF, co-organized by The Permanent Missions of Portugal and Sri Lanka, together with UNESCO, ILO and the Special Envoy for Youth

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    High level dialogue

    The gender pay gap in the health and care sector

    13 July 2022

    ILO and WHO will launch their latest joint report on The gender pay gap in the health and care sector during a side event High-level Political Forum. Following the presentation of the most comprehensive global analysis of gender pay inequalities in the health and care sector worldwide, a high level dialogue will examine integrated and intersectoral policy action to accelerate achievement of SDGs and boost political attention to the issue of gender equality in the health and care workforce.

  4. High-Level Political Forum 2022

    A New Social Contract for a gender-transformative agenda

    11 July 2022

    The ITUC will present its recommendations to the High-Level Politcal Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF) to address the dramatic backlash of progress on the SDGs that the world is facing.

  5. High-Level Political Forum 2022

    Getting SDG 5 Back on Track: Lessons from COVID-19 for a World in Turmoil

    7 July 2022

    This side event at the HLPF, co-organized by UN Women, UNDP and ILO, will bring together a panel of policymakers, UN agencies and civil society to assess progress on SDG 5, and to analyze governments responses to COVID-19 from a gender perspective.

  6. High-Level Political Forum

    Rebuilding resilient sustainable societies: Private sector takes action on SDGs

    6 July 2022

    Organized by the IOE and USCIB-led Business and Industry Major Group to the HLPF

  7. High-Level Political Forum 2022

    Refugee Teachers and Teachers of Refugees: What does transformation look like?

    5 July 2022

    The achievement of SDG 4 and the transformation of education rely heavily on teachers and education personnel. Yet global progress on education is constrained by teacher shortages, teacher qualification and professional development gaps, and issues related to temporary appointments and difficult working conditions. These challenges are amplified for both national teachers and refugee teachers in national and community schools.

June 2022

  1. COSP15

    Decent jobs for people with disabilities: opportunities in the digital economy

    16 June 2022

    This UN COSP15 2022 side event is co-hosted by the ILO, the Federal Government of Belgium and GIZ.

May 2022

  1. Labour migration

    Linking Policy, Evidence and Practice from Global Compact for Migration to Paris Agreement

    18 May 2022

    Climate change impacts and increases human vulnerabilities related to decent work deficits, crisis and conflict.

  2. Labour migration

    ILO at the First International Migration Review Forum, 17-20 May, 2022

    16 - 20 May 2022

  3. Event

    UN Collaboration on Social Protection: Reaching Consensus on how to Accelerate Social Protection Systems Building

    5 May 2022

    The UN Chief Executives Board launched the UN Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I) in 2009 as one of its nine joint initiatives to address the global financial crisis. Thirteen years have passed since the SPF-I’s unveiling and the world is once again been mired in a global crisis of unprecedented proportions with social protection at the centre of the response and recovery measures. Given the seismic last few years and the increasing work on social protection by all UN agencies, it seemed apt to take stock of the progress of this work and consider the future direction of this collaboration. Consequently, the FAO, ILO and UNICEF, in conjunction with many other UN agencies and development partners, convened a taking stock exercise to reflect on UN collaboration on social protection. This has resulted in the launch of this review paper that outlines how efforts can be systematically developed to further advance UN collaboration and coordination on social protection. It is hoped the recommendations in this review paper will better support the design and implementation of adequate and comprehensive national social protection systems. Simultaneously this can support the ongoing post-COVID-19 socioeconomic recovery and the achievement of the SDGs on social protection by 2030. Learn more here. Register here.

  4. STI Forum

    Transforming education for a human-centred approach to STI and SDGs

    4 May 2022

    Humans are central actors in processes of innovation and technological change, and yet their role is insufficiently recognized in discussions about how to harness Science, Technology and Innovations (STI) for progress towards the SDGs. A collaborative research project is therefore implemented by the ILO Research Department jointly with the Analytical Work Stream of the Inter-Agency Task Team on STI for SDGs. Based on the ILO’s Human-centred approach a Human-centred approach to harnessing STI for progress in SDGs will be elaborated. Ms. Irmgard Nübler, Senior Economist, International Labour Organization, Research Department, will be engaging at the side event. Learn more here. Link to join the Webinar here. For more information on the STI Forum visit here.

April 2022

  1. ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development

    A Human-Centred Recovery and the Future of Work in LDCs

    29 April 2022

    Joint Roundtable of the The Group of Friends of Decent Work and The Group of Friends of LDCs Co-sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Qatar to the United Nations, ILO and UN-OHRLLS

  2. ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development

    Sustainable and Just Transition

    28 April 2022

    The 2022 session of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Forum on Financing for Development Follow-up, also known as the FfD Forum, will take place in 25-28 April 2022 . The ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development follow-up is an intergovernmental process with universal participation mandated to review the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (Addis Agenda) and other financing for development outcomes and the means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ILO’s Director-General, Mr. Guy Ryder, will participate in discussions on, “Sustainable and just transition”, scheduled for Thursday, 28 April 2022 at 10:00 AM – 11:00AM ET. Live stream via UN WebTV.

  3. General Assembly on Financing for Peacebuilding

    Round Tables in connection with the General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Financing for Peacebuilding

    25 April 2022

    DPPA/PBSO is coordinating high-level informal and interactive round tables, addressing a selection of themes, allowing the Member States and other participants to focus on some of the challenges related to financing for peacebuilding from a broad perspective, with the aim to facilitate action-oriented outcomes at the High-Level Meeting of the General Assembly on Financing for Peacebuilding on Wednesday 27 April. ILO’s Special Representative to the UN and Director of the ILO Office for the United Nations, Ms. Beate Andrees, will participate in the discussions scheduled.

  4. 2022 ECOSOC Youth Forum

    COVID-19 recovery: Youth taking action for a Sustainable Future

    20 April 2022

    The International Labour Organization alongside International Telecommunication Union, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UN Development Programme and UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will convene special event on financing our future-SDG 17 on 20 April 2022.

  5. 2022 ECOSOC Youth Forum

    A Recovery Barometer to Boost Decent Jobs for Youth

    18 April 2022

    The ILO, UN DESA and UNICEF’s anchored Generation Unlimited initiative are organizing a side event on the margins of the ECOSOC Youth Forum to capture youth voices and thoughts on the youth recovery barometer.

  6. Bankrupting the Business of Human Trafficking

    What Gets Measured, Gets Done: Measuring the Efficacy of Human Trafficking Policies & Programs

    6 April 2022

    Ms. Beate Andrees, Special Representative to the UN and ILO New York Office Director, will participate in a panel discussion exploring and measuring the efficacy of human trafficking policies and programs. Join as panelists explore how the United Nations community can expand its policies and procedures to bankrupt the business of human trafficking by establishing global measurement standards, including for illicit profiteering and numbers of trafficking victims; incorporating such estimates into the results framework of programmes and projects; facilitating collaboration amongst multi-sectors engaged in policymaking, implementation and monitoring of results. Live stream via UN WebTV.

March 2022

  1. 66th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women

    Women Empowerment in the World of Work in Fragile Settings

    22 March 2022

    The ILO, with Greece, Rwanda, Colombia and Philippines, invite you to the virtual side event "Women Empowerment in the World of Work in Fragile Settings" to engage in a global conversation on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. The side event will also launch the latest ILO Guide "Gender equality and women's empowerment in the world of work in fragile, conflict and disaster settings". Learn morehere.