Meetings and events

July 2012

  1. Partnerships to Tackle the Youth Employment Crisis

    5 July 2012

    A high-level panel of Ministers and businesses will discuss the national and regional problems of generating decent work for youth.

  2. Ministerial Roundtable: Decent work and childcare

    3 July 2012

    The protection of domestic workers has been highlighted at the ILC as an important step in protecting rights of workers in the informal economy. This Ministerial Roundtable will discuss soome of the latest developments national in extending protection for these vulnerable workers.

  3. High Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council

    2 - 13 July 2012

    The High-level Segment (HLS), held at the United Nations Office in New York from 2 to 9 July 2012, will focus on a broad range of issues relevant to the implementation of the UN development agenda.

September 2011

  1. Latin America and the Caribbean Internal Coordination Meeting

    1 - 2 September 2011

  2. Ideas on the ACTEMP-ACTRAV Meeting

    1 - 2 September 2011