Meetings and events

February 2019

  1. If You Want Peace & Development, Work for Social Justice

    20 February 2019

    Special event on the World Day of Social Justice

  2. 100 YEARS OF SOCIAL PROTECTION WITH THE ILO: The road to universal social protection systems and floors

    12 February 2019

    The ILO 100th anniversary reaffirms a shared commitment to achieving social justice, notably through universal social protection.

January 2019

  1. Global Commission on the Future of Work Report Launch

    31 January 2019

    The report of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work will be launched at the United Nations Headquarters on 31 January 2019.

November 2018

  1. Global South-South Development Expo 2018: ILO Solution Forum

    28 November 2018

    During the annual Global South-South Development Expo (GSSD) 2018, the ILO will showcase good practices for Decent Work, in preparation for the 2nd High-level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40) in March 2019

June 2018

  1. The ILO Office for the United Nations participates in commemoration of the second annual "MSMEs Day"

    27 June 2018

    The Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day was organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and commemorated by the UN system on June 27 with the aim to highlight the important role of MSMEs (enterprises which generally employ less than 250 people) in the economies of both developed and developing countries. This year’s theme focused on the youth dimension of MSMEs.

  2. WESO Greening with Jobs

    11 June 2018

    This event is organized in preparation for the 2018 High-Level Political Forum. It will provide a brief on the new ILO report entitled, “World Employment and Social Outlook 2018 – Greening with Jobs”. It will also provide insights on the types of policy priorities being supported by governments and partner agencies in the UN system.

May 2018

  1. Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth

    2 - 3 May 2018

    The event provides a platform for governments, social partners, youth and civil society, private sector, foundations, UN entities and beyond to explore collaboration on innovations that work for decent jobs for youth under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

March 2018

  1. Rural Women at Work: Bridging the gaps

    9 March 2018

    The ILO estimates that rural women comprise a quarter of the world’s population. Women also make up 41 per cent of the world’s agricultural labour force, a ratio which rises to 49 per cent for low income countries.

February 2018

  1. 10th Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board meeting

    7 February 2018 - 8 February 2030

November 2017

  1. Launch of the engagement platform of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth

    29 November 2017

    The event brings together partners of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth and other key youth employment actors to celebrate the launch of the online engagement platform, to present the Quality Apprenticeships Toolkit and to learn more about the ongoing work and opportunities for collaboration.