Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board

The Social Protection Inter-Agency Cooperation Board is a light, lean and agile inter-agency coordination mechanism—composed of representatives of international organizations and bilateral institutions—to enhance global coordination and advocacy on social protection issues and to coordinate international cooperation in country demand-driven actions.

The establishment of the Board responds to a request from the G20 Development Working Group.

Key resources

  1. World Social Protection Report 2020-22: Social protection at the crossroads – in pursuit of a better future

    This ILO flagship report provides a global overview of recent developments in social protection systems, including social protection floors, and covers the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on new data, it offers a broad range of global, regional and country data on social protection coverage, benefits and public expenditures.

    Following a life-cycle approach, the report analyses progress with regard to universal social protection coverage, with a particular focus on achieving the globally agreed 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report includes access to comprehensive statistical tables containing the latest social protection data, including detailed country data on SDG indicator 1.3.1.

  2. 100 years of social protection. The road to universal social protection systems and floors. Vol. 1: 50 country cases

    This volume documents how countries in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe have achieved universal coverage in the areas of child and maternity benefits, disability and old age pensions, health and others; which financing sources countries have allocated for the extension of social protection; what innovations governments have implemented to ensure that no one is left behind. The volume also documents historical perspectives to understand how national social security systems have advanced over the past decades. These country experiences are useful for practitioners and policy-makers, to provide the basis for better informed policies. It also provides inspiration to all of us on ways to build the future that we want, a world where the human right to social protection is a reality for all.

  3. Book

    Social Protection Floor for a Fair and Inclusive Globalization

    Report of the Social Protection Floor Advisory Group chaired by Michelle Bachelet. In many ways the power of the social protection floor lies in its simplicity. The floor is based on the idea that everyone should enjoy at least basic income security sufficient to live, guaranteed through transfers in cash or in kind, such as pensions for the elderly and persons with disabilities, child benefits, income support benefits and/or employment guarantees and services for the unemployed and working poor.

  4. Book

    Social security for all. Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems.

    This document lays out the social security strategy of the International Labour Organization on the extension of social security. The ILO's two-dimensional strategy provides clear guidance on the future development of social security in countries at all levels of development. Its horizontal dimension aims at establishing and maintaining social protection floors as a fundamental element of national social security systems. The vertical dimension aims at pursuing strategies for the extension of social security that progressively ensure higher levels of social security to as many people as possible, guided by ILO social security standards. Together, these two dimensions aim at building comprehensive social security systems in line with national priorities, resources and circumstances.