First meeting of the Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board, July 2012

The first meeting of the Social Protection Interagency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B) was held 2-3 July 2012 in New York.

The first SPIAC-B meeting set out to begin the process of facilitating interagency coordination and collaboration on social protection, and to distinguish the SPIAC-B mandate from that of the Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPF-I).  (See: How are SPIAC-B and SPF-I related?
Introductions were followed by Board member strategy presentations and a "show and tell" segment of ongoing Board member and observer social protection initiatives.

Organizational strategies

  1. World Bank

    *Sparking* the Agenda for Social Protection and Labor Systems

    3 July 2012, New York

    Presented by Arup Banerji, Director, Social Protection and Labor, World Bank


    Social Protection Strategic Framework

    3 July 2012, New York

    Presented by Isabel Ortiz, Associate Director, Policy and Strategy Department, UNICEF

  3. ILO

    Social Security for All: The strategy of the International Labour Organization

    3 July 2012, New York

    Presented by Christina Behrendt, Social Security Department, ILO

Future activities

Resulting from the discussion, several areas for conducting future cooperations activities by the Board were identified: