Study on facilitating Admission and growth of EU-based start-ups in India and Indian start-ups in the EU: Challenges and Opportunities

The study reflects the growing interest of India-EU in start-ups. It provides an overview of the policy frameworks, incentives and challenges faced by start-ups. It highlights the attractiveness of each market, good practices adopted by countries and provided recommendations on how the entry of start-ups can be supported, particularly from a mobility-perspective.

Recognizing that foreign start-ups can contribute to technological innovation, enhance foreign investments and create new forms of quality employment in India and the EU, this paper discusses how India and the EU can support the entry and scaling up of foreign start-ups.

The paper is based on two primary surveys, one of EU start-ups in India, and one of Indian start-ups in EU Member States. Examining their experiences and their contribution to the respective economies, the paper identifies the mobility-related and other difficulties they face in establishing or expanding their businesses. The paper then makes policy recommendations, which aim to support India and EU Member States to attract foreign start-ups, bring in technology and investment, and help create jobs.