Community-Based Entrepreneurship Development (C-BED) for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Training in Business Development - A Facilitator's Guide (Marathi)

It provides CBED facilitators with guidelines and practical instructions on how to plan and implement a community-based training to build the business skills of aspiring or current entrepreneurs. This volume focuses on the basic of starting and running a business including developing a business plan and marketing plan.

Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, a training programme, is an innovative tool that relies on self-facilitation and social learning techniques to build the business skills and capacity of aspiring or current entrepreneurs.

C-BED leverages existing knowledge present in the community to create a safe learning
environment where lessons can be applied to real business experiences participants face. C-BED does not require the presence of an external expert, only a literate member from the community is needed to introduce the modules and keep time. Thus, the C-BED methodology presents a skill development opportunity in challenging environments where the lack of or unavailability of teachers and instructors is common, in particular in marginalised areas and post conflict or disaster zones.

The package incorporates hands-on, activity based lessons, maximizing the use of diagrammes and pictures so that both literate and illiterate participants are able to learn together. This alternative teaching method has been found to promote increased leadership and participation during the course and translates to greater individual feelings of empowerment and ties to the community once the course is complete.

C-BED is designed to be a low cost, flexible programme that organizations and communities with minimal capacity can easily implement and adapt to meet their local needs.