Report on National Consultative Forum on a proposal for National Occupational Standards in India for technical and vocational teachers/trainers and assessors

Report on the National Consultative Forum held on 6 March 2014 in New Delhi.

Representatives from Sector Skills Councils, training providers, assessment providers, government agencies and institutions, peak industry organisations, bilateral and multilateral organisations were present at the Forum.

The Forum’s main objectives were to:
- confirm a case for developing National Occupational Standards for teacher/trainers and assessors involved in skills development and technical and vocational education and training;
- identify any implementation barriers or issues at the systems, policy, or institutional level, and possible solutions to these; and
- decide on actions for finalising and implementing National Occupational Standards/ Qualifications Packs which will strengthen the national approach to training and certification of assessors and trainers in India, and the responsible stakeholders.