A decade of ILO-India partnership: Towards a future without child labour (1992-2002)

This publication presents a review of a substantial number of IPEC programmes from 1992 to 2002 in India. Most of which were undertaken in collaboration with the ILO constituents, who have also taken an active part in the IPEC National Steering Committee.

The concern over child labour is now greater than ever before - both within India and all over the world. The objective of this report is to assess and learn from the experiences of ILO's IPEC (International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour) in India from 1992 to 2002.

This report begins with an introduction to IPEC and its approach at a global level. The first chapter provides an overview of the different approaches that IPEC has used to progressively eliminate child labour – particularly its worst forms – throughout India. It then gives an overview of the various IPEC partnerships with government, employers’ and workers’ organizations, social groups, and civil society actors.

The second chapter examines many of the good practices the programme has identified over the years. It focuses in particular on what has been learnt from organizations that have collaborated with IPEC.

Finally, the third chapter looks towards the future, highlighting the key challenges confronting IPEC and all those who aim to eradicate child labour in India and elsewhere.