Social dialogue at enterprise level: successful experiences

The study introduces concepts of social dialogue at the workplace, enumerates enabling condidions for social dialogue to work effectively and demonstrates positive features of social dialogue with empirical studies.

This publication contains several papers presented at the Regional Meeting on Sharing Experiences of Social Dialogue at the Workplace held in New Delhi from 1-3 November 2004. It also includes a paper on the concept, methodology and outcome of the SAVPOT project. Empirical material includes an analysis of experiences of organizational behaviour reflecting workers’ involvement and participative management through work teams in a porcelain factory in Sri Lanka and the study of a plantation which highlighted the use of social dialogue as a means of enhancing productivity and quality of work life. In addition, it contains a study of two automobile companies in India and of their two ancillaries to identify the potential benefits that social dialogue brings in the auto industry. The Factory Improvement Programme strategy for developing social dialogue at the workplace along with health and safety, working conditions, productivity and quality is also included to bring out the remarkable changes that took place in the participating factories.