Reducing Vulnerability to Bondage in India through Promotion of Decent Work

Convergence Approach For Project Implementation

Project documentation | 13 December 2012
The project is being implemented by using different source of funding, namely Flanders, Canadian and Irish. The National Level activities are being funded by all the three sources, while state specific activities are being funded by either Flanders (Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and some components of Bihar) and Canadian fund (Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh).

The ILO is providing technical support to states including capacity building of the stakeholders, facilitate dialogue between the tripartite partners, between different departments within the state and between states to promote inter-state coordination. The ILO is also responsible for creation and dissemination of knowledge products, and to promote cross-sharing of learnings between the states to enable strengthening of the interventions.

The State Governments are providing funds from Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, or other state schemes for the project as well as for linking the workers to different central and state government schemes under the project.

The Project works through a “convergence approach” at three levels for coordinated action to reduce workers’ vulnerability to bondage
  1. Converging action of the Government, Trade Unions and Employers, where each actor plays its role in the project to reduce vulnerability to bondage;
  2. Converging between the Central and State Governments, between different departments at the national/state and district level to focus on the needs of the workers and facilitate their access to publicly-funded social security schemes; and
  3. Converging for not just the migrant workers, but the families of the workers, including the children and the members who are left behind when the family migrates.
The Trade Unions, both at the Central and State level have been actively contributing to the process and the state action plans. The Employers (Brick Kiln owners) have expressed support to facilitate the activities under the project. Several meetings have been conducted at different platforms to enable this cooperation.