Events and meetings

The ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for India (DWT/CO-New Delhi) organizes and takes part in a number of events and meetings in the sub-region. Below is a list of upcoming and past events. Any queries should be sent to the office by email.


  1. Interaction with employers and workers partners on the ILO Technical Memorandum of Comments on the draft Labour Code on Industrial Relations 2015 (India)

    27 August 2015

    Discussions on the contents of the ILO Technical Memorandum of Comments.

  2. Validation workshops: Strengthening labour administration and social dialogue in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala

    27 August - 9 October 2015

    A series of workshops will be organized in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Trivandrum with the aim of validating state-level studies on labour administration and social dialogue conducted in the respective states.

  3. Workshop on Strengthening Recruitment – Legislation and Structure

    26 August 2015

    A workshop on how to reduce migration costs and recruitment abuses in countries of origin and destination, come up with the recommendations on rules and regulations related to international recruitment, through a consultative process with stakeholder and to develop as a sector-wide code of conduct on ethical recruitment practices.

  4. National Trade Union Conference on Labour Law Reform, Industrial Relations and Industry Development

    29 - 30 June 2015

    Discussions and preparations of Trade Union position papers on Labour Law Reforms, Industrial Relations and Industry Development

  5. Technical Consultation Exploring Education Strategies to Address Child Labour in India

    12 June 2015

    World Day Against Child Labour 2015 – No to Child Labour, Yes to Quality Education

  6. Workshop for Trade Union Representatives on Social Protection Floor

    3 - 4 June 2015

    The workshop will provide an opportunity to the participating members to enhance their understanding of the SPF determinants. the objective of the workshop are a) awareness raising/advocacy campaigns among the workers; representatives on social protection floor initiatives, b) strengthening the capacity of trade unions in supporting the formulation of policy actions and active implementation of SPF schemes in the state, and c) to discuss and develop a road map / future action to take forward the SPF campaign initiatives.

  7. Campaign on Promotion of Ratification of Core Labour Standards (CLS) - Maharashtra

    29 May - 10 June 2015

    The major objective of the Zatha & Rally (Mass public procession) campaign is to create massive awareness on need and importance of ratification of ILO Core Conventions C. 87 & C. 98.

  8. Conciliation of Labour Disputes

    27 - 30 April 2015

    This course aims to strengthen conciliation skills by developing participants’ knowledge and understanding of consensus-building approaches to conflict management and dispute resolution.

  9. Capacity Building Workshop: Towards more effective wage policies in India

    15 - 16 April 2015

  10. Capacity Building Workshop on Wage Setting

    15 - 16 April 2015

    Capacity building of Government of India’s officials