Events and meetings

The ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for India (DWT/CO-New Delhi) organizes and takes part in a number of events and meetings in the sub-region. Below is a list of upcoming and past events. Any queries should be sent to the office by email.


  1. Launch of pilot on National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS)

    16 June 2016

    The Board of Apprenticeship Training (BOAT), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MoHRD) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched a pilot on National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS) in the Automobile Sector.

  2. National Level Meeting on "Building a strategic advocacy campaign to secure rights and protections for domestic workers"

    7 - 8 June 2016

    This joint meeting facilitated by ILO-ITUC-IDWF-FES, builds upon the outcomes of previous sessions with multi-stakeholders including the ILO meeting on April 2-4, 2016 as well FES meetings coordinated with ITUC in cooperation with the IDWF earlier.

  3. Future of Work in India and Young People's Aspirations

    10 May 2016

    The first joint Future of Work (FoW) event, organized by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, V.V. Giri National Labour Institute and International Labour Organization, focused on India's youth and their aspirations in the world of work.

  4. Government of India's Housing for All - Rural flagship programme launched by the Ministry of Rural Development

    13 April 2016

    Training materials, prepared by ILO, for rural masons prepared for the Ministry of Rural Development were launched on 13 April 2016.

  5. Extension of services to the agreement signed between Ministry of Rural Development (MORD) - National Rural Roads Development Agency (NRRDA) and ILO partnership for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) - INDIA

    6 April 2016

    Signing of the MoU for Extension of Services of ILO-PMGSY Assignment between NRRDA and ILO was held at NRRDA Conference Hall.

  6. ILO - IHD's Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on Policy Options for Domestic Work in the context of India’s Care Economy

    4 April 2016

    The Institute for Human Development (IHD) and the 'Work in Freedom' programme of International Labour Organization (ILO) are jointly organizing the consultation to discuss and debate the issues around domestic work in India and suggest suitable strategies and policies to move towards decent work for the women domestic workers.

  7. National consultation on legal frameworks to regulate working conditions and extend social security and welfare benefits to domestic workers

    2 - 3 April 2016

    The consultation is proposed to evaluate the existing situation and the developments both at policy level and at grass root level in order to facilitate to locate the issues of domestic workers in a labour rights framework.

  8. Consultative Workshop on ‘Mapping of Decent Work Deficit in Automobile Sector in Pune

    29 March 2016

    A consultative workshop will be held to deliberate upon the findings from the study through tripartite discussions, focusing on decent work deficits as existing at various nodes of the automobile value chain.

  9. An exhibition of paintings organized by United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in partnership with 17 schools of Delhi on the theme of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    3 March 2016

    UN Sustainable Development Goals 17 Artistic Interpretation of the SDGs by Students of 17 Delhi Schools

  10. ILO – Department of Labour, Government of Kerala: Tripartite validation workshop on Mapping and analysis of social dialogue and labour administration systems in Kerala

    3 March 2016

    A state level tripartite workshop to validate the report on social dialogue and labour administration systems in Kerala