Consultative meeting with the Small Tea Growers on Promoting Occupational Safety and Health in the Workplace

The project "Safety + Health for all plantation workers in South Asia: India Component" organized a meeting with the Employers and Membership Based Organizations (EMBOs) on 23 July 2021. As a follow up, a consultative meeting is planned with the small tea growers associations of Assam on 18 February 2022 (virtually) to promote occupational health and safety for the tea plantation workers in the small holdings of the state and to discuss the way forward in collaboration with the project of ILO.

The Project “Safety+Health for all plantation workers in South Asia: India Component” has the following objectives for this virtual meeting planned on 18 February 2022 , to understand:
  • Capacity building needs, for improving the occupational health and safety conditions in the small tea holdings of Assam and to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic for both women and men workers.
  • Specific gender needs for strengthening gender responsive workplace OSH frameworks and to prevent workplace violence and harassment at the workplace, and
  • Any other technical support needed to help improve current practices, organizational structures, tools and safety measures in place for prevention and protection from occupational hazards, keeping in line with the new Code on OSH and Working Conditions 2020.