Seminar on Social Security Agreements between India and EU Member States

Hybrid Seminar to share the findings of the study on “Social Security Agreements between India and EU Member States” in the presence of the representatives from the EU, EU Member States and Ministry of External Affairs, GOI as well as companies that use the social security system.

The study on ‘Social Security Agreements (SSAs) between India and EU Member States’ attempts to investigate the effectiveness and value of these agreements between India and EU Member States. It analyses the SSAs from multiple perspectives, explores the benefits and impact of these SSAs, raises some of the challenges and makes suggestions for the way forward.

This seminar will, drawing upon the study, invite EU MS and Government of India officials as well as social partners engaged in social security to discuss the findings, raise issues of concern, and share ideas to strengthen cooperation in this area. It is believed that this seminar will also enhance communication between the administration of India and EU MS and provide an opportunity to hasten pending issues.

Specifically, the hybrid seminar would focus on:

(i) understanding of the gaps and challenges in policy and implementation
(ii) enlisting possible solutions for enhanced cooperation on SSAs
(iii) outlining next steps for future engagement on the issue, with particular focus on future communication