Multi-stakeholder Technical Consultation on FPRW in cotton growing areas in Telangana

A technical consultative workshop for State and District level Government officials, representatives of workers and employers organizations, farmers’ representatives, civil society organizations, academic/research organizations in Telangana.

ILO global project ‘Promoting Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (FPRW) in Cotton Supply Chain’ in India, in collaboration with Government of Telangana, social partners and other stakeholders, provides technical support to policy makers, implementers and other stakeholders aiming to build an ecosystem to contribute towards decent work and better livelihood to all in need in cotton growing communities, particularly workers and small/marginal holding farmers.

The project organized Multi-stakeholder Technical Consultation on FPRW on 23 April 2019 in Hyderabad, jointly with the Government of Telangana. The workshop was attended by more than 50 mid and senior level officials from line departments of the Government of Telangana alongwith district level officials, workers’ organizations, civil society organizations, research organizations and organizations associated with cotton production.

The focus of the Technical Consultation was on improving the understanding of the tenets of FPRW and applicability in cotton production areas, and promoting integrated approach to contribute to decent work, improving livelihood of small and marginal farmers and workers associated with it as well as to make cotton more sustainable. Due to participative nature of the workshop, the project was able to engage with the multi level stakeholders and their buy-in of the project’s objective and strategies The Specialist for FPRW, ILO DWT for South Asia and CO for India led the technical discussion on each of the aspects of FPRW and explained the need to ensure its fair implementation.

The Principal Secretary, Department of Labour and Principal Secretary, Department of Consumer food and civil supplies, Government of Telangana congratulated the Project and expressed pleasure in the partnership to work towards promoting fundamental principles and rights at work in the cotton producing districts of the state. The Labour Secretary highlighted the ILO’s timely project intervention which will be helpful to the agricultural farmers and workers in cotton. Representatives from leading research and academic institutions as well as NGOs also expressed their interest in partnering with the project.