Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Project Advisory Committee’s primary role is to provide strategic direction to the project and guide the implementation of activities and priorities.

Under the EU-India Cooperation and Dialogue on Migration and Mobility, the first Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was held on 1st June,2018. EU and India reaffirmed their priorities on migration and mobility and agreed to work towards a joint action.

The committee plays an important function in ensuring that activities are in-sync with the on-going high-level dialogue on migration and mobility. It also assists with inter-ministerial/inter-departmental coordination required for working towards the common agenda on migration and mobility between the EU and India.

The following were agreed upon during the meeting:
  1. Terms of reference for the PAC
  2. Activities for the first year
  3. On behalf of the Government of India, the India Centre for Migration (ICM) will come on board as the implementation partner of the project.
PAC Members / Quorum:
  1. Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India
  2. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
  3. Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
  4. Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) Brussels
  5. Delegation of the European Union to India
  6. India Centre for Migration (ICM)
  7. International Centre for Migration Policy and Development (ICMPD)
  8. International Labour Organization (ILO)

Project Advisory Committee (PAC) - II Meeting

The second meeting of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was held on 11 July 2019. The implementing partners were invited, by the Government of India (GoI) and European Union (EU), to present the project’s progress since the first PAC meeting held last year and update all parties in attendance on the activities completed, ongoing/delayed, as well as planned for 2019-2020.