Promoting the Business Case for Ethical Recruitment

Record of proceedings | New Delhi, India | 29 May 2018
Meeting report of the consultation on Promoting the Business Case of for Ethical Recruitment under the ILO project EU-India Cooperation and Dialogue on Migration and Mobility.

This meeting report is divided into four sections reflecting the sessions of the consultation - I) Information on EU labour markets and opportunities for the highly-skilled as well as, an overview of global skills shortage was presented, (II) impediments, policy hurdles and challenges faced by recruitment agencies in the India-EU corridor were discussed at length, (III) innovations and best practices were shared by prominent recruitment agencies. It also includes a summary of the inaugural session including speeches from the EU the ILO and prominent recruitment agencies and federations of recruitment agencies associations. In the concluding section of the report, reflections on the way forward and learning are enlisted.

The report also includes the agenda and concept note.