Promoting the business case for ethical recruitment

This consultation looked at challenges faced by the recruitment agencies and share good practices of recruitment. It was organized by the ILO under the EU-India Cooperation and Dialogue on Migration and Mobility Project.

Mr Wojciech Dziworski, Counsellor, Trade and Economic Affairs, Delegation of the European Union
This consultation brought together Indian recruitment agencies in dialogue with experts, EU and GoI. The consultation contributed to knowledge sharing and exchanges of global good practices and standards on fair and ethical recruitment.

The discussion were focused on following key areas: Importance of the recruitment process, responsibilities shared between employers and recruitment agencies, policy hurdles, opportunities in the EU labour market and challenges faced in recruitment, innovation and good practices in recruitment.

The meeting served as a starting point to improve migration governance and encourage ethical recruitment to European labour markets.

Each recruitment agency spoke about their learnings and their commitments to ethical recruitment.

Participants noted the importance of capacity building of candidates and role of technology in recruitment. The consultation was reported to have offered a platform for participants to learn about practices adopted by peers, government initiatives undertaken in the area of skill development and job creation. The participants also shared a need for having access to more information on top destination countries, occupations and skills in demand in the EU.