Migration policy

India-EU Cooperation Dialogue on Migration and Mobility

The ILO and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) will host - Dialogue on Migration and Mobility. The event will inform stakeholders of the ongoing collaborations between India and EU and seek their views.

Well managed migration between the EU and India can be a win-win for both. Europe has labour markets with specific skills gaps, and India has an educated and skilled population - looking for opportunities and able to meet such demands.

Reflecting on this possibility and recognizing the growing importance of migration and mobility in EU-India relations, the EU-India Common Agenda for Migration and Mobility (CAMM) was endorsed at the EU-India Summit of 30 March 2016, bringing cooperation between the two sides, to a new level. The objective of this dialogue, planned prior to the High Level Summit scheduled between the Governments in October, is to inform stakeholders from both sides of the ongoing collaborations between India and EU and seek experts’ views on key issues that the EU-India Cooperation on Migration and Mobility could address.

Approximately 80-100 participants are expected at the event, including representatives from various ministries, embassies, academics, researchers, employers and workers representatives, civil society organizations.

Stakeholder voices on enhancing migration and mobility between EU and India: