Human Rights Defense International (HRDI) Conference on Indian Workers in the Gulf

The Human Rights Defense International is an NGO that holds an annual conference which includes migration. The theme this year was Labour in the Gulf.

The Ministry of External Affairs, ex- Ambassadors, various researchers and activists were present at the meeting. ILO presented a paper on Gulf Migrants in the Indian Parliament.

The paper presented by ILO uses questions asked in both upper and lower houses of Parliament to analyze the importance of migration to the Gulf region amongst policy makers and analyses the main issues that are of concern.

Though migration to the Gulf features regularly in parliament, it is not a major issue; only 6 per cent of the questions addressed to the Ministry relate to this subject. Most questions were on complaints, mortality, rescue, skills and the system. There were also specific questions regarding women migrants. However no questions were raised on the legislation nor the reasons for migration. Issues of social protection or occupational health and safety of workers were also not raised.