SDG Alliance 8.7 - South Asia Launch

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Alliance 8.7 is a partnership initiative that focused on ending child labour, force labour, modern slavery and human trafficking through coordinated, multi-stakeholder and concerted action.

Around the world, 168 million children are estimated to in child labour, with about half of them in hazardous work and other worst forms, and 21 million people adults and children are estimated to be in forced labour, more than half of whom are women and some five million are children below the age of 18. Lower bound and conservative estimates for child labour across seven South Asian countries puts child labour at 17 million for 5-17 year olds. National statistics show vast numbers of ‘nowhere children,’ whose numbers are captured neither in education nor in employment nor in a combination of the two. Millions of these statistically termed ‘idle’ children are likely to be involved in child domestic labour, or to be subjected to child marriage, trafficking or other forms of violence, and deprived of their rights to care, education, recreation, rest, and overall development. In terms of child labour in South Asia, agriculture absorbs the highest percentage of children in employment in every South Asian country. The consequences and impacts of child labour are long lasting and detrimental.

Overall Goal of Consultation

SAIEVAC Regional Secretariat will organize the Consultation in collaboration with the SACG and supported by the ILO. It will bring together relevant multi-stakeholders in South Asia.

To join forces and form the South Asia platform for SDG Alliance 8.7, building momentum and spearheading action to end child labour, forced labour, and human trafficking.”

The two-day South Asia Consultation on Alliance SDG 8.7 will focus on child labour, while keeping in view forced labour, trafficking and slavery. It will determine how to proceed in bringing on-board the actors, partnerships and issues related to areas other than child labour as well.