Building a Social Protection Floor for India : Capacity Building Workshop for Trade Unions

The United Nations Chief Executive Board (CEB), in April 2009, launched the Social Protection Floor Initiative as one of the nine key responses to the global economic and financial crisis. this initiative is co-led by the International Labour Office and the World Health Organization. The proposed two-day workshop is aimed to build the capacity of the workers organizations in India to have a better understanding of the Social Protection Floor concepts and enable them to participate in all future dialogues with the Government on social protection issues.

The two-day workshop for trade union leaders is aimed (i) to enhance the understanding of the trade unions on the concept of Social Protection Floor; (ii) to share experiences on social protection in South Africa and Brazil; (iii) to share the existing policies/programmes of the Government on social security; (iv) to provide a forum for discussing the role of trade unions in promoting a Social Protection Floor building upon the existing policies/programmes; and (v) identify specific areas for ILO’s assistance to the trade unions for their active participation in the future dialogues on building a social protection floor.