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  1. Publication

    The state of employment in Uttar Pradesh: Unleashing the potential for inclusive growth

    03 January 2018

    The development experience of Uttar Pradesh has been encouraging in last two decades yet the state lags behind in several indicators of development as compared to other states in India. This report looks at the trends, and the challenges in employment.


  1. Article

    Quality not quantity – it’s time to re-think overseas employment

    18 December 2017

    The occasion of International Migrants Day is an opportunity to reflect on the significant changes seen in the governance of international labour migration in India in 2017.

  2. Publication

    eNews@ILO India

    15 December 2017

    Read the latest December e-news bringing you a wealth of information on migration, social protection, labour standards and more.

  3. Video

    Partnerships, mobility of academia, tapping into diaspora network

    14 December 2017

    Stakeholder voices on enhancing migration and mobility between EU and India.

  4. Disability and Work

    Trade Union Action on Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities

    03 December 2017

    Trade unions are working all over the world on disability issues. This research captures and summarises trade union action on disability from over 50 countries, including developed, emerging and developing economies. The research offers a new perspective to trade unions who have not worked on this issue, and points to opportunities for others to develop their work further.

  5. Publication

    Declining wage share in India’s organized manufacturing sector: Trends, patterns and determinants

    01 December 2017

    Using the Annual Survey of Industries data of the organized manufacturing sector in India for over three decades, the study aims to study the phenomenon of declining labour share in India.

  6. Event

    South Asia sub-regional knowledge sharing workshop on domestic workers and home-based workers

    ILO conducted a bipartite knowledge sharing workshop with sixty participants from six countries in the South Asian sub-region.

  7. Event

    National tripartite workshop for validating National OSH Profile

    In collaboration with the Directorate General Factory Advisory Services and Labour Institutes, and Ministry of Labour and Employment, ILO India is organizing a national tripartite workshop to validate the National OSH profile for the country.

  8. Publication

    Lessons Learned by the Work in Freedom programme

    21 November 2017

    This is a working document which captures lessons learnt by ILO's Work in Freedom Programme during its implementation in five countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Jordan and Lebanon.

  9. Article

    Should developing countries fear the impact of automation on jobs?

    21 November 2017

    Sher Verick, Deputy Director, ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India, talks about how fears of technology-induced unemployment have penetrated media headlines and policy discourse in both advanced and developing countries.