ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India (DWT/CO-New Delhi)

The ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team (DWT) for South Asia and Country Office for India is a centre of excellence to realize Decent Work for sustainable social and economic development in South Asia.
  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    Good workplace practices improve safety and health

    India, a fast-growing economy, has a large chunk of working population. Increased manufacturing activities, technological advancements and change in work practices is on the rise. ILO experts write as to why fostering robust OSH practices at workplaces is the need of the hour.

  • Forced labour is still a modern day reality

    Bharti Birla, National Project Coordinator, Work in Freedom programme, says fair recruitment processes, sensitizing migrant workers about mobility by choice and policy interventions are necessary to tackle modern-day slavery.

  • ILO welcomes major step to end child labour in India

    India will have ratified six out of eight ILO fundamental conventions.