Decent work

Invisible workers: Enabling decent work for informal economy workers global supply chains

The video was developed as a part of ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Programme - 'Towards Fair and Sustainable Global Supply Chains: Promoting Decent Work for Invisible Workers in South Asia' and provides brief introduction about the background and objectives of the project.

Date issued: 10 September 2019 | Size/duration: 00:10:54

ILO aims to enable informal economy workers in global supply chains (GSCs) to achieve Decent Work. These supply chains are a key link between formal and informal enterprises. Promoting the rights and decent working and living conditions for workers is crucial for sustainability of these supply chains. Awareness generation and capacity development is critical for workers engaged at the lower tiers - typically home-based workers, workers in informal micro enterprises, subcontractors, connected to medium and small enterprises in the informal economy in South Asia.