Feature articles


  1. “We are not putting the business-as-usual lens on technical advice for India”

    25 September 2013

    says Tine Staermose, ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team for South Asia and Country Director for India in an interview with UNIC.

  2. India must have zero tolerance for workplace sexual harassment

    02 September 2013

    Sexual harassment is not just a violation of human rights, in the workplace it also damages productivity and professional relationships. Recent cases in India have drawn attention to the problem, but the ILO is working with employers and managers to address sexual harassment in the workplace and change attitudes.

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    Convergence – A way to end child labour in India

    31 July 2013

    The ILO teams up with the local authorities to help remove and prevent children from entering child labour in urban and rural areas in five states.

  4. Question and answers on Work In Freedom programme

    15 July 2013

    The 5-year joint DFID/ILO programme aims to prevent over 100,000 girls and women from South Asia from falling victim to child and labour trafficking.

  5. A smart way to prevent bonded labour

    03 May 2013

    A young couple and their new baby are the first beneficiaries of a national health insurance scheme which now extends to migrant brick kiln workers at risk of bondage, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

  6. India: Why is women’s labour force participation dropping?

    13 February 2013

    More women in India of working age are enrolling in secondary school but that is only one reason why the number of women who are either working or looking for a job is decreasing.


  1. Migrant workers in Jordan are making their voices heard

    12 December 2012

    As the world marks International Migrants Day on December 18, ILO News looks at the impact of legislation allowing migrant workers in Jordan to join trade unions.

  2. HIV Stigma – a new form of dying

    30 November 2012

    HIV is no longer a killer but HIV stigma is. As World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December, ILO research in China, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand sheds light on the problem and suggests ways it can be addressed. By Richard Howard, Senior Specialist on HIV/AIDS, ILO Decent Work Team for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific

  3. Insuring livestock to protect the poor

    12 October 2012

    Livestock insurance has the potential to reduce the vulnerability of poor populations. The challenges are formidable, but recent technology offers hope.

  4. Giving an ancient craft a new shine: Training youth in the brassware sector in India

    27 March 2012

    Low levels of education, lack of skills, diplomas or certificates within a technical field severely limit the chances of gainful employment for a vast number of youth in India. A new programme of skills developing and training, however, is providing an alternative. Neelam Agnihotri, ILO communication officer in New Delhi, reports how this initiative is providing new jobs for youth in the centuries-old traditional brassware industry in Moradabad, northern India.