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Presently there are no vacancies available in the DWT/CO-New Delhi Office 
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Position title Deadline for application
One-day high-level consultation on “Strengthening the care economy for gender equality and sustainable development” in New Delhi on 26 February, 2024 (tentative) envisages launch and dissemination of the report under its care economy project.

The office invites proposals from event management agencies for the same, with the full scope of work in the Terms of Reference.

Please send your proposal by 24 February 2024 to hasdak@iloguest.org
 24 February 2024
The Evaluation Office of the International Labour Organization (ILO) is seeking expression of interest from qualified evaluator to carry out the final independent evaluation of the project “Promoting Sustainable Enterprises in India (PSEI)”.

The duration of the assignment is estimated at 27 working days.

Interested candidates are required to submit the following information:-
  1. A cover letter explaining how the candidate meets the desired profile, with a brief technical proposal on the proposed evaluation approach (max 4 pages)
  2. A list of previous evaluations that are relevant to the context and the subject matter of this assignment, indicating the role played by the candidate applying
  3. A copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae
  4. A statement confirming their availability to conduct this assignment and that the candidate has no previous involvement in the implementation and delivery of the project to be evaluated, or a personal relationship with any ILO officials who are engaged in the project
  5. Two names of referees (including phone number and email) who can be contacted
  6. Copies of two examples of evaluation reports in which the candidate was the sole evaluator/team leader/team member in the last five years
  7. A financial proposal indicating a daily professional fee in US$

Application process

Interested parties are requested to submit an expression of interest in English with the above information. The deadline for submission of the expression of interest is 10th March 2024. The expression of interest should be sent to ILO Evaluation manager Mr Asitha Seneviratne (asitha@ilo.org) indicating the title of the evaluation (Promoting Sustainable Enterprises in India (PSEI), with copying to Pamornrat Pringsulaka (pamornrat@ilo.org)
10 March 2024
The primary objective of this consultancy is to assist AIOE in formulating a membership strategy targeting the gig and platform economy. The strategy should aim to increase AIOE's representation in this sector and offer a compelling value proposition for potential members (Terms of Reference attached). Key objectives include:
1. Conducting an initial mapping of the gig and platform economy landscape in India to identify potential members.
2. Exploring the needs of gig and platform economy stakeholders through surveys and focus group discussions (FGDs) to inform the development of a value proposition.
3. Formulating a membership engagement strategy that outlines how AIOE will attract and retain members from the gig and platform economy.
4. Developing an action plan to implement the membership strategy, including timelines and resource allocations.
5. Presenting the finalized strategy to the AIOE Executive Committee for approval.

The External Collaborator should possess the following qualifications and expertise:
• Demonstrated experience in conducting research and analysis related to labor markets, employment trends, and organizational development.
• Expertise in designing and implementing surveys, focus group discussions, and stakeholder consultations.
• Familiarity with the gig and platform economy landscape in India, including an understanding of key players, regulatory frameworks, and emerging trends.
• Strong communication and presentation skills, with the ability to convey complex information clearly and effectively to diverse audiences.
• Proven track record of developing actionable strategies and plans for membership engagement or organizational growth initiatives.

All interested candidates are requested to submit their quotation via email to vanita@ilo.org with cc to raaj@ilo.org by 20 March 2024 with the following subject line in their email: Quotation for ILO-GnP Assignment
20 March 2024

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