Success stories from partners

A compilation of suceess stories from the partners.

Highlighting experiences/success stories from partners implementing workplace HIV/AIDS policy and programme....

"... One of our employees tested positive for HIV, and confided in me as I am one of the master trainers for HIV. I arranged for his counseling but he faced discrimination from his family and neighbors. He stopped coming to work. When I came to know, I visited his place. To break the myth, had tea with him and explained his family members that HIV does not spread by eating together or living in the same house. I also spoke to the neighbors. As he was in the need for treatment, we referred him to a doctor who specializes in HIV treatment. Now he is on ART, and is back to work. Seeing him, I feel so good that with my training on HIV/AIDS, I was able to help not only one man but the entire family."
Balwant Singh, Assistant Manager/Master trainer, from PepsiCO's Chano Plant in Punjab during the Refresher Training organised by the ILO Project on 3-31 May 2007 at New Delhi.