Increased Progress in Attaining SDGs through the Promotion of Decent Work and Inclusive Economic Growth in Rural and Urban Areas in Azerbaijan

This project focuses on the implementation of actions aimed at strengthening the capacities of ILO’s constituents in Azerbaijan in order to increase the progress of the country in attaining SDGs through the promotion of Decent Work and inclusive economic growth in rural and urban areas in Azerbaijan.

This project prioritises SDG accelerators identified by the government in support with the ILO, mainly youth employment and formalization. With this objective in mind, Azerbaijani constituents will receive technical support from the ILO to actively engage in collaborative mechanisms and partnerships with national and international actors to exchange knowledge and improve the coordination of the activities aimed at achieving the SDGs through the following set of actions: i) social dialogue to improve coordination of actions and policies among social partners and government institutions; ii) exchange of knowledge and good international practices and policy-oriented research for effective implementation of policies and strategies; iii) technical support to progress on the selected decent work accelerators, specifically on economic diversification, youth employment, SMEs competitiveness and sustainability and iv) decent work advocacy through the inclusion of decent work in national development strategies and programmes, as well as policy documents adopted by multilateral and sub-regional level. This project will contribute to the achievement of SDG 8 on decent work and economic growth.