ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Petrovka 15, office 23
107 031 Moscow
Russian Federation
Tel: +7 495 933 08 10
Fax: +7 495 933 08 20

Normal working hours (GMT+3)

Monday - Thursday (09:00 - 18:00)
Friday (09:00 - 16:45)

Director’s Office

Olga KOULAEVA (Ms.) Director
Kholoud AL-KHALDI (Ms.) Deputy Director
Inessa PASECHNIK (Ms.) Senior Secretary to the Director

Decent Work Team

Gocha ALEKSANDRIA (Mr.) Senior Specialist in Workers’ Activities
Vladimir CUROVIC (Mr.) Senior Specialist in Employers’ Activities
Valentin MOCANU (Mr.) Senior Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Specialist
Jasmina PAPA (Ms.) Social Protection Specialist
Mikhail POUCHKIN (Mr.) Senior Employment Specialist
Lejo SIBBEL (Mr.) Senior International Labour Standards and Labour Law Specialist

Other technical specialists and staff

Amina KURBANOVA (Ms.) National Programme Officer (Kyrgyzstan)

National Coordinators

Sobir AMINOV (Mr.) National Coordinator for Tajikistan
Yashar HAMZAYEV (Mr.) National Coordinator for Azerbaijan
Nune HOVHANNISYAN (Ms.) National Coordinator for Armenia
Azizkhon KHANKHODJAEV (Mr.) National Coordinator for Uzbekistan
Bolotbek OROKOV (Mr.) National Coordinator for Kyrgyzstan
Talgat UMIRZHANOV (Mr.) National Coordinator for Kazakhstan


Irina MELEKH (Ms.) Programme Officer


Irina SINELINA (Ms.) Evaluation Officer

Communication and Public Information

Olga BOGDANOVA (Ms.) Communication and Public Information Officer
Ludmila USKOVA (Ms.) Library and Information Assistant

Programme Support

Marina KHARCHENKO (Ms.) Programme Assistant
Elena KULYBINA (Ms.) Programme Assistant
Eleonora SALYKBAYEVA (Ms.) Administrative Assistant (Kazakhstan)
Anna SOKOLOVA (Ms.) Programme Assistant
Dinara TOKTOBAEVA (Ms.) Administrative Assistant (Kyrgyzstan)

Finance, Administration and Personnel

Vladimir DEKHTIAREV (Mr.) Finance and Administrative Officer
Svetlana SLEPYKH (Ms.) Finance Assistant
Tatiana DORINSKAYA (Ms.) Finance Clerk
Sergey ASKENTIEV (Mr.) Senior Computer Information Technology Assistant
Olga FEDOTOVA (Ms.) Administrative Assistant
Olga STAROVEROVA (Ms.) Human Resources Assistant
Yuri NEFEDOV (Mr.) Driver

Development Cooperation Programmes/Projects

Inclusive Labour Market for Job Creation

Kinan BAHNASSI (Mr.) Chief Technical Advisor (Georgia)
Ekaterine KARCHKHADZE (Ms.) National Project Officer (Georgia)
Tamar KHELADZE (Ms.) Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Georgia)
Irina ANDERSON (Ms.) Project Assistant
Ana TOROTADZE (Ms.) Project Assistant (Georgia)
Ramaz MCHEDLIDZE (Mr.) Driver (Georgia)

Partnerships for youth employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Phase II

Ramiro PIZARRO (Mr.) Project Manager
Julia SURINA (Ms.) Project Technical Officer - Youth Employment
Kanae TADA (Ms.) Project Technical Officer - Research
Elena KOKOEVA (Ms.) Project Assistant
Anna KOROLEVA (Ms.) Project Assistant

Applying the G20 Training Strategy, Phase II

Lilia KACHKINBAEVA (Ms.) National Project Coordinator (Kyrgyzstan)
Marina FEDOROVA (Ms.) Senior Project Assistant

Support to the Implementation of the Decent Work Country Programme in Uzbekistan

Anastasia DUBOVA (Ms.) Project Manager (Uzbekistan)
Mirza MULESKOVIC (Mr.) Technical and Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Uzbekistan)
Dilmurod MUMINOV (Mr.) Administrative and Finance Assistant (Uzbekistan)

HIV/AIDS and the World of Work

Ekaterina IVANOVA (Ms.) Focal Point for HIV/AIDS and the World of Work for the Russian Federation

Third-party monitoring (TPM) on child and forced labour in Uzbekistan

Jonas ASTRUP (Mr.) Chief Technical Adviser (Uzbekistan)
Oxana LIPCANU (Ms.) Technical Officer (Uzbekistan)
Irina ANDERSON (Ms.) Project Assistant
Sayyora ISKANDAROVA (Ms.) Administrative and Finance Assistant (Uzbekistan)

Support GSP + beneficiary countries to effectively implement International Labour Standards and comply with reporting obligation

Marianna AVDALYAN (Ms.) Project Assistant (Armenia)

Empowering women and girls affected by migration for inclusive and peaceful community development

Aisuluu MEIMANKANOVA (Ms.) National Project Coordinator (Kyrgyzstan)

ILO-UNICEF-UNDP Joint Programme on Accelerating Agenda 2030 in Uzbekistan through inclusive transformation of the social protection system

Nilufarkhon KAMALOVA (Ms.) National Officer in Social Protection (Uzbekistan)

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