Employment Promotion – Experience sharing between Sweden and Uzbekistan

18-21 April 2023 – Stockholm. Uzbekistan delegation of ILO tripartite constituents and Senate visited Stockholm to exchange knowledge and experience on the best practices and their application by Arbetsförmedlingen (National public employment service, PES) in the area of active labour market programmes, vocational training, service digitalization, private-public partnerships, gender equality promotion and other issues.

News | 22 April 2023
The delegation also met with other stakeholders promoting employment: the Ministry of Employment of Sweden, Jobbtorg, the workers’ and employers’ organizations, organizations supporting people with disabilities, vocational training providers and the Swedish National Mediation Office.

Mr. Lars Lööw, Deputy Director General of Arbetsförmedlingen welcomed the delegation and provided an overview of the governance structure of the public employment service, its main areas of activities and the recent developments of the Swedish labour market. The delegation had a chance to learn in detail about the vocational rehabilitation programmes, run by PES, initiatives for job seekers with reduced work ability and people with disabilities, cooperation with private service providers, job-matching, and digitalization of services. The meetings also covered Arbetsförmedlingen’s budgeting and monitoring principles.

Special attention was paid to the Equip and Match (Rusta och Marcha) programme delivered by the Arbetsförmedlingen and service providers. A separate meeting with a social entrepreneurship company, Yrkescentrum, one of the vocational training service providers for the Arbetsförmedlingen, allowed to learn how the process of referrals to the programme works in practice.

A meeting with Jobbtorg, the Labour Market Department in the City of Stockholm, showcased concrete examples of the partnerships between Jobbtorg, Arbetsförmedlingen and companies for employment promotion of vulnerable groups, in particular, people with limited education, long-term unemployed, unemployed youth, youth who lack or need to supplement upper or secondary education.

The gender equality promotion experience was shared during a meeting with the Ministry of Employment of Sweden.

Misa, a company providing work-oriented daycare activities for people with disabilities, presented its experience in integrating people with disabilities into the open labour market.

Meetings with the International Council of Swedish Industry and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation provided a good opportunity to learn the history of the development of Swedish employers' and workers' organizations, the evolution of their tripartite relations with the Government and the support they provide to their members.

The visit to Swedish National Mediation Office provided insights into the Swedish mediation model over the years and explained the process of labour disputes resolution on the local and national level, as well as the role of various actors in it.

The Tripartite Study visit to Stockholm, Sweden, was organized by the ILO DWT and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia within the framework of the Supporting the designing innovative ALMPs for the post-crisis recovery project.