COVID-19 Impact on Labour Disputes and Case Law Developments in Georgia Discussed at Bench-Bar Meeting

Bench-Bar meeting entitled Main Trends and Perspectives of COVID-19 Impacts on Labour Disputes and Case Law Developments in Georgia after 2020 Labour Reform, was held here on 9-10 July 2022.

News | 11 July 2022
Nine judges from Tbilisi and Batumi Courts and nine legal practitioners got together to discuss how International Labour Standards and the 2020 Labour Law Reform could address the case law developments related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Georgian world of work.

The cooperation framework the ILO developed with the High School of Justice (HSOJ) and the Georgian Bar Association (GBA) back in 2014 and 2016 respectively, led to a new partnership between the ILO, the HSOJ and the GBA. In July 2017, the first Bench-Bar meeting on labour issues was organized. A further five Bench-Bar meetings have been organised since then providing an opportunity to judges and lawyers to discuss challenges and possible solutions for legal and procedural issues related to labour issues.

“Today’s meeting is a continuation of a well-established tradition. Such meetings are extremely important for us, the judges, because it is where challenging issues of labour law are identified and discussed from various perspectives. At the same time, this format is very valid, as it facilitates the sound discussion at the institutional level – the judiciary and the bar, because the real justice is being formed through the joint efforts of both actors,” says Natia Gujabidze, Appeal Court Judge.

The meeting’s agenda included court’s outlook on improvements of labour law disputes in Georgia, as well as reflection of civil procedure code and labour code amendments on enforcement of collective labour mediation agreements and the right to strike.

“The establishment of a uniform court practice on labour disputes is critical for the effective implementation of justice, and this format, established with the support of the International Labour Organization six years ago, plays an important role to this effect,” says Irakli Kandashvili, GBA representative.

The Bench-Bar meeting is supported by the ILO-Danida Project “Inclusive Labour Market for Job Creation in Georgia”. The project is implemented with financial support of the Government of Denmark.