Training on International Labour Standards and Labour Code for City Court Judges in Georgia

Face-to-face training on International Labour Standards (ILS) and Labour Code of Georgia took place on 2 and 3 July 2022. More than 15 judges from Tbilisi and Telavi City Courts raised awareness on judicial use of ILS from international perspective and discussed the case law of Georgian courts on the judicial use of ILS and the most recent amendments to the labour code of Georgia that entered into force in September 2020.

News | 05 July 2022
In 2014 the International Labour Organization (ILO) forged a partnership with the High School of Justice (HSoJ), which is responsible for the professional development of judges in Georgia to ensure that judges have a better understanding of when and how ILS can be used to resolve labour disputes. So far, 13 trainings were conducted, within more than 150 judges taking part. While many factors play a role in the ability of judges to apply ILS, court data suggests that the partnership developed by the ILO with the HSoJ has contributed to a trend of increased application of ILS in Georgia.

Among other issues, the participants discussed new provisions of the Labour Code of Georgia on termination of employment relations, statute of limitation; right to strike; enforcement of mediation agreement and sanctions under the Labour Code of Georgia and Law on Labour Inspection Service.

“The understanding and the use of ILS will continue to help Georgian judges and labour practitioners also after the country is granted candidate status to the European Union accesion. Broader and consistent coverage of the world of work topics guaranteed by the ILS will help to fill the gaps conventionally not addressed by the EU legal framework”, said Catalin Tacu, ILO Chief Technical Adviser (Project Manager).

The training for judges is supported by the ILO-Danida Project “Inclusive Labour Market for Job Creation in Georgia”. The project is implemented with financial support of the Government of Denmark.