Armenian representatives take part in OSH Workshop at ITC Turin

On 6-17 June, the International Training Centre of the ILO, in collaboration with ILO SafeWork programme organized a workshop on National Programmes and Systems of Occupational Safety and Health in Turin, Italy to acquaint participants with international guidelines and principles of the ILO and the experience of consolidated and successful national OSH systems and programmes.

News | 18 June 2022

Within the framework of the ILO development cooperation Project “Promoting Implementation of Labour Rights in Armenia Together” (PILRAT), Igit Hakobyan, Head of the Department of Labour Legislation Control, Health and Labour Inspection Body of Armenia, and Nver Sargsyan, ILO Project Coordinator, took part in the programme.

The general objective of the course was to strengthen the capacity of planning, developing and governing the national efforts to improve the OSH.

The methodology was centred on the participants and the learning process, with the support of facilitators. Participants were presented with pertinent documentation as a follow-up to the presentations in order to expand their knowledge about the topics.

Also, the participation in the course will help to understand the main directions of the development of an effective national OSH system as a collaborative effort of the government and social partners. Such a system should consist of various elements including legislation and compliance assurance mechanisms as well as a training and information network.

“The workshop was rich with sharing of experiences and lessons learned from participating countries, which will be useful in the future to avoid mistakes and establish a system closer to excellent. The practical visit has shown that the theoretical knowledge gained within the framework of the workshop is feasible and applicable,” says Igit Hakobyan.

The event was organized with financial support  of the ILO development cooperation Project  “Promoting Implementation of Labour Rights in Armenia Together” (PILRAT).