Tajikistan: trade union staff are trained on formalizing informal employment

Federation of Independent Trade Union in Tajikistan (FITUT) builds the capacity of trade union employees by organizing trainings on transition from informal to formal employment and providing social protection in the formal economy.

News | 27 April 2022
FITUT trainings in Sughd Region. Photo: FITUT
The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Tajikistan (FITUT) takes an active part in political discussions through social dialogue with the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and Association of Employers of Tajikistan. The sides are discussing how to promote decent work and social justice in various sectors of economy, especially in the sectors that have been considered as most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to promote reforms and extend social protection to informal workers and those in nonstandard forms of employment. FITUT needs to strengthen its administrative, operational and policy development capacities on national and regional levels.   Enhanced capacity and clear strategy of workers organization at the national and at sub-regional level is required to propose social protection and employment policy measures and legislative changes, promote voices and involvement of informal workers, promote principles of decent work and maintain effective tripartite and bilateral dialogue. in the ongoing conditions of COVID-19 pandemic.

FITUT trainings in Sughd Region. Photo: FITUT
The ILO has provided technical support to develop a broader understanding of informality in Tajikistan, and recommended a way forward for the elaboration of a new formalization strategy, in accordance with the ILO Recommendation No. 204 for the transition from the informal to the formal economy. As a result, in 2019, the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of Population adopted the new Programme of Reduction of Unregistered (Informal) Employment for 2019-2023 and the Implementation Plan.

In the frame of the ILO project on Integrated policy response on employment and social protection in the context of COVID-19 crisis mitigation and recovery, supported by social dialogue, the FITUT is to conduct regional workshops for 100 trade union leaders, in four regions of the country; Khatlon, Sughd, Rasht and Districts of Republican Subordination.

The FITUT aims to further expand the capacity of trade union employees, especially at the regional level, to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to implement agreed policy measures in the region-specific context.
According to Ismoil Fayzizoda, First Deputy Chair of the Federation of Independent Trade Union of Tajikistan, “the trainings enable the activists to realize the importance of engaging employers and workers in social partnership, and to apply the national and international labour legislation to guarantee rights and social benefits for workers.”

In parallel to these series of trainings the project is helping the FITUT to develop its strategy for formalization. Both set of activities, the trainings as well as the strategy development, is implemented in close coordination and cooperation with the Bureau of Workers’ Activities.