Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and the ILO Have Discussed Cooperation Plans for 2022

Akmadi Sarbasov started off by stressing the importance of cooperation between the ILO and Kazakhstan. While 24 conventions were ratified and the underlying obligations integrated into the national legislation over the period of cooperation, Kazakhstan is currently in progress of becoming a party to Convention No. 175 on part-time work.

News | 03 November 2021
He reported that a law amending specific labour  regulations was adopted in May 2020 to bring the national law in line with international standards.

The Senior Vice-Minister also pointed out that the issue of upgrading the labour inspection system will be considered as part of the 2025 National Action Plan for safe work taking into account the requirements of ILO conventions ratified by Kazakhstan.

Akmadi Sarbasov thanked the ILO experts for comments and advice on the use of international social security standards in the draft Social Code as well as for their work to analyze social, labour, economic and health policies adopted in Kazakhstan in the period of COVID-19.

“The rapid diagnostics of employment has allowed to both identify labour market responses and analyze the existing problems in more detail, while that of social security – to review the adopted policies and assess their performance in terms of income guarantees for workers and specific vulnerable groups in order to identify further action for broader coverage of social security programmes,” Akmadi Sarbasov said.

The Senior Vice-Minister concluded by thanking the ILO for long and fruitful cooperation with Kazakhstan and stressed the importance of resumed cooperation on the Partnership for Youth Employment in the CIS and further joint work to improve social and labour policies, and ensure social justice and decent work in accordance with the ILO standards.

Source: www.gov.kz/memleket/entities/enbek/press/news/details/279726?lang=ru