Strengthening the capacity of the national statistical office in Georgia

The ILO organized a 3-day capacity building mission in Georgia to train experts from labour statistics institution on new International Statistical Standards covering key indicators on the labour market and work.

News | 25 January 2019
Tbilisi (ILO News) – The Inclusive Labour Market for Job Creation project1 in collaboration with the Department of Statistics, ILO Geneva, and the National Statistics Office (GEOSTAT) in Georgia organized a capacity building mission from 22-24 January 2019, in Tbilisi, aimed at strengthening the country’s labour force survey in light of the 19th and 20th international statistical resolutions and guidelines, adopted respectively in 2013 and 2018. In particular, the mission provided detailed recommendations of the key decent work indicators and forms of work framework e.g. employment, own use production, labour underutilization, unpaid work (trainee) and volunteer work. Special focus given to statistics on self-employed, entrepreneurship, gender and work relationships. 

The mission included  six labour statistics officials from GEOSTAT and about 25 external participants in labour force surveys from key line ministries, social partners and relevant government institutions. The training workshop with external stakeholders was attended by representatives from the line ministries, as well as the Georgian Parliament, National Bank of Georgia, IMF, Georgian Trade Union Confederation (GTUC), and Georgian Employers Association (GEA).

“This comprehensive capacity building mission is the first of its kind on Labour Force Survey, provided by the ILO in Georgia. The idea behind this mission is to support GEOSTAT to meet the demand for timely, reliable and relevant labour market statistics that can support policymakers to shape an inclusive labour market through robust statistics. The mission is very timely in light of the changing statistical standards adopted in recent years”, said Kinan Bahnassi, Chief Technical Adviser, ILO Project in Georgia.

“Georgia is particularly well placed to apply the latest standards given the strong base of the independent labour force survey implemented by GEOSTAT since 2017. GEOSTAT is now seeking to update the Labour Force Survey to reflect both the latest standards and international best practices with the assistance of the ILO. Once implemented, the new survey will enable a much wider range of labour market analysis and give deeper insight into peoples working activities and engagement with the labour market”, said Kieran Walsh, ILO Senior Statistician.

1 On 23 November 2017, the Government of Denmark, represented by the Danish International Development Agency, and the ILO signed an agreement to implement a four year (2017 – 2021) development cooperation project in Georgia. The project is titled “Inclusive Labour Markets for Job Creation” and aims to strengthen labour market institutions by providing support for the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the national Tripartite Social Partnership Commission (TSPC) along the following thematic areas: Strengthening regulatory labour market institutions, by building upon ongoing efforts concerning labour law reform, building effective labour inspection services, training of judges and legal practitioners, training to promote and improve enterprise-level bipartite consultation and negotiation, strengthening of labour mediation services for collective labour disputes and, possibly, establishing a labour court system; strengthening entrepreneurship and enterprise development, by providing knowledge and technical expertise, in order to create an enabling environment for the creation and development of sustainable enterprises that generate decent jobs, especially for youth.