Kyrgyz Youth Join Red Card to Child Labour Global Campaign

Participants to the Third Youth Education Camp “Zhazh Bulak” joined the Red Card to Child Labour global campaign launched for the first time back in 2012 under a joint initiative of the International Labour Organization and International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

News | 13 August 2018
This year’s campaign coincided with the World Football Cup. A new emblem – a pin wheel – was designed for the campaign symbolizing that children should have a right to play rather than work.

Young people decided to join the campaign following awareness sessions held at the camp on August 6–12 in the Ton District of the Issyk-Kul Oblast with support of the UN agencies including the ILO. The Zhazh Bulak camp brought together youth aged 18-28, young leaders and representatives of public authorities.

Presentations by the ILO representatives focused on the following subjects: “Occupational safety and health and protection of labour rights”, “Educative work and child labour”, as well as on strategies and role of young people in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Improving occupational safety and health of young people contributes to achieve SDG No. 8 and has a double benefit of preserving health of young workers and reducing the number of children involved in hazardous child labour”, Amina Kurbanova, ILO child labour project coordinator in Kyrgyzstan said.

Source: K-News