Self-Employment Programme To Be Expanded in Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan is to expand the scope of the self-employment programme at least five times as announced by Sakhil Babaev, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, in opening the fourth year of the capacity building course for the staff of the Public Employment Service.

News | 03 July 2018
The training is conducted under the Decent Work Programme for 2016-2020 signed between the Government of Azerbaijan and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

According to the Minister, families in Azerbaijan should be involved in the self-employment programme as much as possible. “The private sector is currently holding an important share of the labour market. We should introduce the country to the international experience of employment promotion”, he said.

Mr. Babaev added that the youth in Azerbaijan should be guided to occupations of the highest demand due to the dynamic nature of the labour market.

“Those in need of social protection in Azerbaijan should be integrated into the labour market. This population group is subject to special attention in this country”, the Minister said.

Mr. Babaev noted that improvement of  labour market services based on approaches compliant with international standards is one of the areas targeted by the current reform.

Mr. Babaev observed that the ILO is actively providing support in this area as well as elsewhere. According to him, the ongoing training course is also important in terms of promoting employment of young people since it allows to introduce practices adopted in specific countries in the relevant area and exchange the experience and opinions.

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