Promoting Programmes on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work in the Far Eastern Federal District

The Primorye Region became a venue for a major interregional workshop “Promoting Programmes on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work in the Far Eastern Federal District”, with the opening ceremony taking place on July 3 in Vladivostok.

News | 03 July 2018
The workshop scheduled to take place in the region’s capital city on July 3-6 is attended by more than a hundred participants representing executive authorities of the region’s constituent territories, parties to social partnership, AIDS centres, and large employers who are successfully implementing HIV prevention programmes at work.

Syed Mohammad Afsar, Senior Technical Specialist of the ILO/AIDS Branch, ILO Geneva, noted that the workshop is mainly focused at developing and promoting programmes on HIV/AIDS at work in the Far Eastern Federal District.

“Specialists have recently noted that HIV tends to penetrate the so-called general population which is undoubtedly an alarming signal for the public at large”, he said.
“The first and foremost principle is non-discrimination of HIV-positive workers. Secondly, everyone’s privacy should be respected and, thirdly, we should disseminate information at work thus preventing the incidence of new infection while providing treatment of those in need”, he said.

These principles are stated in ILO Recommendation No. 200 concerning HIV and AIDS. This document identifies a path to be followed by employers, trade unions and executive authorities.

According to Lidia Sklyar, head of the regional AIDS centre, the region developed a plan of events for HIV/AIDS prevention at work and non-discrimination of HIV-positive workers.

“Today a number of programmes for HIV/AIDS prevention at work are underway. It might seem that people will readily use them to receive treatment and go on living and working. However, we identify new HIV-positive persons at work every month. This suggests that they are not yet ready to speak openly about their disease as they fear discrimination on behalf of their fellow workers. Avoiding this is the main purpose of such meetings”, Lidia Sklyar underlined.

The next HIV testing event at work will take place on July 6 in Vladivostok and will provide workers of the Pervaya Rechka railway depot with an opportunity to learn about their HIV status.

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