Priorities of the National OSH Programme Discussed in Bishkek

At the request of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, a round-table on “”Priorities for inclusion in the National OSH Programme of the Kyrgyz Republic for the years 2018-2022, and other issues, related to the Programme» was held in Bishkek on 8-9 February 2018.

News | 10 February 2018
The ILO constituents - government, employers and workers - and other key partners selected three priorities, which would form the basis of the Programme. About 40 representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, the Ministry of Economy and Anti-Monopoly Policy, the Ministry of Finance, the State Inspection on Ecological and Technical Safety, trade unions and employers’ organizations, as well as other organizations, took part in the event.

The roundtable was organized within the framework of the ILO project “From the Crisis towards Decent and Safe Work”, implemented with the support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.