Labour Code Amendments Discussed in Armenia

In October of this year the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Armenia requested ILO assistance in the ongoing Labour Code reform process.

News | 14 December 2017
The ILO provided the Ministry with a Technical Memorandum containing a number of recommendations concerning Labour Code amendments proposed by the Government. In addition, on 12 December, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs organized a Round Table on the Draft Law on Labour Code amendments Representatives of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, the Republican Employers’ Union of Armenia, Government bodies, partner organizations and NGOs attended the Round Table.

Lejo Sibbel, Senior Specialist on International Labour Standards and Labour Law of the ILO DWT/CO in Moscow and Julia Lear, Labour Law Specialist of the Labour Law and Reform Unit ( ILO Geneva), participated in the discussion, providing clarifications from the point of view of conformity of relevant provisions of the Draft Law with relevant international labour standards, as well as international best practices.

“We are very grateful to the ILO for the timely and professional expertise provided in the development of the proposed Draft Law. We have accepted most of the ILO comments, , made the necessary amendments to the Draft and will adjust it based on today’s discussion and social partners’ recommendations”, said Tadevos Avetisyan, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

In his concluding remarks Lejo Sibbel welcomed the constructive and transparent approach taken by the Ministry in the development of the amendments, as well as the open and lively debates with the social partners and other stakeholders. He noted that the amendments of the Labour Code, as they currently stood, were a step forward to bringing the Labour Code of Armenia into conformity with international labour standards.

To further discuss remaining issues, a consultative meeting was organized on December 13 with participation of National Tripartite Commission members. Following the discussions, Lejo Sibbel provided relevant clarifications as requested by the Commission members, and committed to further assist the tripartite partners in the labour law reform process.