Discussing HIV/AIDS with Motivational Speaker Svetlana Izambayeva

'One of our greatest weapons against HIV/AIDS is knowledge. It is part of our HIV/AIDS personnel policy that all United Nations staff should be provided with sufficient, updated information to enable you to protect yourselves and your families from HIV infection and to cope with the presence of AIDS,’ reads the UN Personnel Policy on HIV/AIDS.

News | 05 December 2017
Using the opportunity of HIV motivational speaker Svetlana Izambayeva's visit to Moscow, the ILO Moscow Office got together on 5 December 2017 to discuss HIV and AIDS-related issues once again.

The meeting agenda included a presentation of Russia's HIV/AIDS statistics, a quiz 'What do you know about HIV and AIDS?' and screening of educational videos produced by the ILO jointly with the Sverdlovsk AIDS Centre. Svetlana Izambaeva (on photo far right) shared her personal story and answered questions from the ILO Moscow Office staff.