Young Trade Union Leaders of the Caspian Sea Region Discussed Future of Work

A regular meeting of young people within the framework of the Caspian Sea Region Youth Trade Union Network founded in 2013 with the ILO “Youth Employment Partnerships in CIS” project support took place in Astrakhan on the 15th-16th November.

News | 17 November 2017
This time the discussion was focused on the Future of Work Centenary Initiative launched by the International Labour Organization. The event was organized by Astrakhan Regional Trade Union and Astrakhan Regional Trade Union of Culture Workers, under the auspices of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia and the ILO.

The topics discussed by the young trade union leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan included economy digitalization, youth employment, and role of trade unions in future to name a few.

Ms. Julia Surina, Youth Employment Project Coordinator of ILO Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia; Ms. Anna Salnikova, Programme and Project Coordinator of ITUC-PERC;  Ms. Natalia Kochemina, Deputy Chief Editor of the central trade union Newspaper “Solidarnost”; Ms. Ksenia Mikhaylichenko, Lawyer of the Social and Labour Rights Centre; and Ms. Natalia Klimenko, representative of Astrakhan Regional Employment Agency, took part in the seminar as the experts.

Reports giving an insight into the Future of Work Initiative, as well as the role of trade unions within the context of transformations ongoing in the labour world, were presented at the seminar.

In addition, every country submitted a review of the situation of young people in the labour market and measures taken to reduce the unemployment level and to transit to formal economy.

The participants presented their vision of the Caspian Sea Region Youth Trade Union Network further extension, the role and practical tools of trade unions in future, and launched an initiative of development of a unified information environment of the Caspian Sea region young trade union leaders.