Two Training Courses in Maternity Protection Held in Tajikistan

Between 12 to 16 September 2017, Tajikistan's cities of Kurgan-Tube and Kalaihum (Darvaz) hosted training courses in "Maternity Protection in the Social Security Dimension" as part of constituents' capacity building in dealing with social protection issues.

News | 18 September 2017
The training sessions were organised by the ILO in cooperation with the Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITU) of Tajikistan. Firdt Deputy Chair of the FITU Ismoil Sharifzoda and the Deputy Chair Ismoil Faizizoda  opened the trainings.

The training sessions were attended by 35 representatives of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, including legal and technical inspectors and high-level trade union officials – two national-level and 12 regional leaders. The sessions focused on issues such as the key differences between ILO Convention No.103 (ratified by Tajikistan) and ILO Convention No.183 (non-ratified) and the latter's five main elements, namely duration of the maternity leave, non-discrimination before and after employment, health care, cash benefits and breastfeeding at workplace. Also, the participants learned about the roles of social partners and about how to promote maternity protection standards and defend workers’ rights in maternity protection cases. The training sessions were interactive, encouraging trainee engagement.

According to Artiom Sici, ILO Social Protection Officer in Tajikistan, the training sessions contributed to building the knowledge and capacity of FITU organisations in Tajikistan.