Nationwide Consultations on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Started in Kyrgyzstan

On 14 March 2017, the ILO launched a nationwide consultations process in Kyrgyzstan to build public awareness and engage stakeholders at the national, sub-national and local levels in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular SDG target 8.7.

News | 14 March 2017
The first workshop held on March 14 brought together more than 50 participants, including the social partners and officials responsible for national development planning, such as the Ombudsman Kytabek Otorbaev, Jyldyz Polotova, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Development and  Salidin Kaldybaev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Presentation of a draft special Report on ensuring respect for women and children’s labour rights, prepared and delivered by the Ombudsman Institute, opened the meeting. The Report, which covers the situation with child labour in Kyrgyzstan in a separate section, will be finalised based on feedback from the consultations and presented to the Parliament in April.

Amina Kurbanova, National Project Coordinator, Combating Child Labour in Human Trafficking in Central Asia – Commitment Becomes Action, opened the discussion by highlighting the key topics such as the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, SDG target 8.7, including global indicators and monitoring methodologies, Forced Labour Protocol 2014, and Alliance 8.7.

“The fact that today we consider child labour-related issues from the perspective of achieving the SDGs is a very positive development. In this regard, the establishment of Alliance 8.7 can play a crucial role in making progress,” said Jyldyz Polotova, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Development.

“There is clearly an interrelation between SDG target 8.7 and SDG Goal 4 targets. The Alliance 8.7 can help resolve the school non-attendance problem and thus contribute towards the achievement of SDG Goal 4,” stressed Salidin Kaldybaev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Unanimously, the participants stressed to need to step up progress towards SDG target 8.7 and supported the efforts of the global Alliance 8.7.