Tripartite Constituents from the sub-region meet to learn more about International Labour Standards

Over 30 participants representing governments, trade unions and employers’ organizations from all countries in the sub-region, gathered in Moscow from 14-17 November to discuss and learn more about international labour standards.

News | 14 November 2016
Through a mix of presentations, role-plays, and quizzes participants were able to learn how international labour standards are developed, how the supervisory system functions through which the ILO works with constituents to ensure international labour standards are realized at national level, and what key standards say with regard to freedom of association, non-discrimination, forced labour, child labour and labour inspection.

Ultimately, the main objective of the sub-regional seminar was to enable participants, upon return to their respective home countries, to use ILO standards and the ILO supervisory system to develop or fine-tune legal and policy frameworks for the benefit of workers and employers alike.

The sub-regional seminar was jointly organized by the Moscow Office and the ILO International Training Centre.