Youth in Kazakhstan Studies Management

The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, by Decree from 14 June 2003, adopted a new educational programme, on the Basis of Market Economy, where the quality of the ILO Programme "Know About Business" (KAB) is fully recognized, and serves as basis for the part on "Know About Business".

News | 14 June 2003
KAB aims at creating an awareness of entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career option, particularly for trainees in vocational and technical training institutions. It provides knowledge of the required attributes and challenges for starting and operating a successful business.

Know About Business is part of a broader ILO programme "Start and Improve Your Business" (SIYB), introduced by the ILO in over 80 countries worldwide. The ILO has implemented this training programme in Central Asia since 1997. SIYB is aimed at developing and strengthening basic management skills of aspiring or existing small business entrepreneurs. The programme provides training institutions or others implementing SIYB programmes with a comprehensive set of training materials for various target groups in the small business sector. It also provides a wide variety of supporting materials for trainers to conduct training and follow-up support, and for institutions to monitor and evaluate their own programmes.

Through funding by the Government of Luxembourg, SIYB is extensively developed in Kazakhstan, with a network of trainers in 11 of the 14 national Oblasts.