Krasnoyarsk Seminar: Importance of Regional Employers’ Organizations Stressed

News | 21 October 2003
On 21-22 of October in Krasnoyarsk the ILO Subregional Moscow Office and the Analytical Centre for Social Partnership Development conducted a regional seminar in the framework of a joint project sponsored by the Norwegian government. The seminar was devoted to the development of employers’ organizations at the regional level and to raising understanding by the public and public administration of the role of voluntary and independent organizations of employers. The meeting was chaired by Marina Moskvina, Director of the Analytical Centre, which is an incorporated part of the Coordinating Council of Employers Unions of Russia (CCEUR).

Among fifty participants of the seminar there were representatives of employers’ associations from the Krasnoyarsk region (Union of Commodity Producers and Entrepreneurs and Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), Novosibirsk Union of Enterprise Directors and Employers and Omsk Regional Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region, Department of Federal Employment Service, Department on elementary professional education and other legislative and executive power bodies of the region, trade unions, entrepreneurs and managers of major Krasnoyarsk enterprises, rectors of several Krasnoyarsk Universities, researchers and others.

The Vice-Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region Edkham Akbulatov valued the opportunity to once again level the position of the regional Administration with the employers’ organizations and underlined the acuteness of employers’ issues in the light of the programme of social and economic development of the region that is currently being developed.

Mikhail Vassiliev, Deputy Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs., called upon the Government to use the potential of the employers’ organizations to a full extent.

During the two-day seminar the participants discussed the issues of vital importance for employers: the role of employers’ organization in solution of urgent social and economic issues, cooperation with Employment Services, work with the Russian Tripartite Commission, legal regulation of labour relations, employers’ involvement in the compulsory social insurance reform and others.

Erwin Blasum, ILO Senior Specialist on Employers’ Activities in his two presentations on the international practice of employers’ organizations, gave an overview of the variety of different practices in different countries. He underlined that Russia can surely find some advice how employers can be organized in market-economies. However, this can not replace to develop a new system of Social Partnership by the Russian partners, mainly themselves.

On the second day of the seminar, the Coordinating Council gave an overview what kind of activities had become already the daily business of Russian employers. The important role of the Tripartite Commission that had its 10th anniversary these days was stressed. Russian employers – like presented by Marina Moskvina - have made a full commitment related to the reform of the Social Security system.

This was followed by a Round table session on the problems of development of employment organizations at the regional level chaired by Viktor Komarovsky, Senior Social Dialogue Expert of the TASIC project on Labour Legislation and Arbitration.

The successful seminar will be followed up, by a further regional activity within the project. It will take place in Rostov-on-Don at the end of November.